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Lawsuit Blames SnapChat and Instagram for Child's Suicide

A mother filed a lawsuit against Snap (parent of Snapchat) and Meta (formerly Facebook, parent of Instagram) over her 11-year-old daughter's suicide. The federal court complaint sets out a product liability claim, alleging that the companies designed defective products in Snapchat and Instagram, and failed to provide adequate warnings of the dangers of using those products.  Additional counts claim common law negligence for failure to warn of the dangers of the apps and  fraudulent business practices.

I do not practice law in California, so I do not know how strong the claims are. I do wonder what sort of warnings or product design the plaintiffs would find acceptable and sufficient. It is clear that this case most likely will be decided on legal motions. If it goes to a jury, it will be difficult to find enough impartial people (particularly parents) to objectively consider the issues.

Defendants intentionally created an attractive nuisance to young children but failed to provide adequate safeguards from the harmful effects they knew were occurring


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