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Federal Cyber Watchdog Warns of Possible US Cyber Incidents as Russia-Ukraine Fight Escalates

The US federal cyber defense agency (CISA) has warned all US organizations -- regardless of size and sector -- to take immediate action to protect their assets and operations against cyberattack. Although CISA is not explicit about the threat, the implication is that US companies may be vulnerable to intrusions or other issues perpetrated by Russian state actors. The tension between Ukraine and Russia has dominated headlines in recent days. CISA has reported on a number of "malicious cyber incidents" including ransomware attacks by Russia against Ukraine.  

CISA's bulletin outlines and links to steps available to all organizations in the US to improve security and resilience against attack. Such measures are valuable in the face of ongoing threats generally, not only those that may stem from geopolitical issues.  

This CISA Insights is intended to ensure that senior leaders at every organization in the United States are aware of critical cyber risks and take urgent, near-term steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of a potentially damaging compromise. All organizations, regardless of sector or size, should immediately implement the steps outlined below.

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