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CDC Extends the Eviction Moratorium for Failure to Pay Rent to Oct 3 2021

After pressure from the White House, the Center for Disease has issued a new Order extending the CDC Order providing for a "Temporary Halt to Residential Evictions" for failure to pay rent for a further 60 days, through Oct. 3, 2021.

While the Order is narrowly drafted to apply only in US Counties where there is "High" or "Substantial" transmission of the COVID virus, as defined by the CDC and based on the CDC's current map, almost the entire US is included in the coverage area (there are very few Counties where evictions for failure to pay rent could be carried out). This is a surprise extension of the Order as a few weeks ago CDC Director Wallensky stated there would be NO further extensions of the Order. Further, the Supreme Court's ruling in early July confirming that no further extensions would be lawful unless authorized by an act of Congress also led many to believe that this Order would not be extended. We anticipate continued legal challenges to the Order, but continued delay in evictions for failure to pay rent and owners and landlords are forced to wait and proceed with caution. 


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