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CDC to Recommend Masks Indoors Under Some Circumstances

The CDC is expected to reinstate mask guidelines today that cover even vaccinated people, if they are indoors in a high-transmission area. The expected announcement will also cover teachers, staff, and students in schools -- regardless of vaccination status.  

The expected new guidance would reverse the May recommendation from the CDC that vaccinated persons do not need a mask indoors. The updated guidance is a response to the more easily transmitted Delta variant of the virus that has caused a surge of infections nationwide.  

Businesses should check local guidance as well, because some cities and counties are reinstating mandatory masking indoors in light of Delta.  

The agency is recommending that vaccinated people who live in areas with substantial and high transmission wear masks in indoor public spaces to help prevent viral spread, according to three people familiar with the guidance. It is also advising that vaccinated people with vulnerable individuals in their households, including young children and those who are immunocompromised, wear masks indoors in public spaces.


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