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...And Colorado Makes Three

Colorado's legislature passed yesterday what could become the nation's third comprehensive state privacy law. The bill moved back and forth between chambers, but ultimately passed and can now be sent to the governor for signature. Once signed, it would take effect in mid-2023.

2023 is shaping up as a banner year for US privacy: the proposed Colorado law would join a new state comprehensive privacy law in Virginia and a heavily amended California law that take effect earlier that year.  

Colorado's law would allow consumer opt-out of certain data uses.  All companies that do business in the US would be well advised to pay attention to these state laws, the nuances of which may differ slightly and which therefore may present some difficult operational choices regarding compliance.  

SB21-190 got the final stamp of approval Tuesday, what appeared to be the final day of the Colorado legislative session. The bill would allow consumers to opt out of online data collection, and companies would have to make clear what data they collect from online visitors, what they do with the data and how long they store it.


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