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SBA Suspend Application Portal for Shuttered Venue Grants

The application portal for the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Program was set to go live at noon on Thursday (4/9). By the early afternoon, the portal was already suspended and the SBA said it was experiencing a “technical issue” with the portal. Already raising concerns with the portal opening, the SBA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) had warned on Wednesday that the SBA does not have adequate staffing or a clear plan in place to properly oversee the program.  It is unclear when the portal will be reopened and it appears the OIG is questioning the SBA's ability to run the program. None of this helps businesses in need of grand funding. 

"OIG believes that SBA does not have the staff necessary to provide effective oversight over the SVOG program,” the report said. “At this time, SBA has not formalized a plan for staffing this office relative to the volume of applications expected. The agency has also not defined the organizational structure for administering the program."