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Scorecard - Which states are in / which are out in NIL legislation

At this juncture, 39 state legislatures are on record with action on a college athlete NIL bill. Five states have joined in passing laws, with others in various stages.  As this Sportico piece details, 11 states—plus DC — remain on the sidelines, some awaiting a federal or other uniform solution.  

Preview:  Next week the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the Alston case, with a ruling expected in June that may shed light on antitrust issues and impact the final result of NIL action.  

Stay Tuned Sports Fans..


"It is prudent to wait, and I think the sense is, among most people, that whatever the outcome is, it will be a uniform outcome," said Gabe Feldman, a Tulane sports law professor who serves as the reporter for the Uniform Law Commission’s Study on College Athlete Name, Image, and Likeness.