Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently added education staff and teachers to the list of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine.  The order also includes licensed and exempt childcare programs.  The inclusion of exempt programs is a much bigger deal that it appears at first glance, because the "exempt" category includes such groups as after-school, mothers-morning-out, temporary childcare associated with gyms or other facilities, and day camps.  If  you work with a program that cares for children under the age of 18 for less than 24 hours in a day, then (a) be certain that it has obtained an exemption from the state licensing agency, and (b)  register to get a vaccine when it is available.

The governor's order actually creates an odd distinction between day camps and overnight camps. Day camps, because they care for children for less than 24 hours, must get a licensing exemption to operate.  Residential camps, because they care for children for 24 hours at a time, do not need an exemption, and thus staff at those camps currently are not eligible for the vaccine.  Hopefully, there will be enough vaccines soon to include staff for summer camps in upcoming rounds.